Lionel - BTO - Hybrid Central Pacific Leviathan #63 4-4-0 Steam Loco - O Scale (1931770) - the-pennsy-station-llc

Lionel - BTO - Hybrid Central Pacific Leviathan #63 4-4-0 Steam Loco - O Scale (1931770)

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On the Sesquicentennial of America's first Transcontinental Railroad, Lionel is proud to introduce the finest models available of some of the nation's most famous locomotives. When new replica locomotives were built for the National Park Service in 1974, extensive research was done to make them as accurate as possible. Later research further refined their paint schemes into the striking colors that we know today. Using the same drawings, David Kloke built a replica of Jupiter's sister, the Leviathan in 2009. York, for the Northern Central Railroad in Pennsylvania, followed in 2013. Together, these four locomotives keep the sights, sounds, smells and feel of railroading's most dynamic era alive for future generations.??

Hand crafted in brass and die-cast, and designed from original drawings of the present-day replica locomotives; each model is faithful to its prototype. With dozens of individually applied brass details, these models reflect the pride and craftsmanship shown by the original locomotive builders. Despite their small size, we were able to add LEGACY control to these locomotives! Due to high production costs and a small production run, these models will be available for one time only. These locomotives are truly history making models.

LEGACY Control - operate with LEGACY cab, TMCC Cab 1 or conventional transformer
Brass & Die-Cast construction
Maintenance free motor
Tethered drawbar to tender for additional electrical pick ups? 
Link and pin coupler on tender (convertible to scale knuckle coupler if desired - coupler not included)
Illuminated LED headlight 
Illuminated LED tender light on York 
Cab figures
Individually numbered:  #63
Length: 13.5 inches
Minimum Curve: O36