Our Story

Established in 2018, The Pennsy Station, LLC is a family business, owned and operated by Nathan & Melody Kenepp, and family.  Anyone who visits The Pennsy Station, will quickly see the importance of family.  You will regularly see sons, Ben and Will Kenepp, helping out or just playing in the back.  Also, you will likely see Nathan's older daughter, Sydney and extended family and friends helping during big downtown events.

Nathan grew up in the small village of Mattawana, PA, which is nearby to Lewistown.  And like Lewistown, Mattawana is along the railroad's main corridor between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  He spent his childhood seeing many Amtrak, Conrail, and later Norfolk Southern trains go by his front yard. 

Nathan has three brothers, whom all spent countless hours with their Lionel trains set up in the family basement.  After the untimely death of his father, Nathan's mother took he and his brothers on a long trip by train to visit relatives in Washington state.  The trip took 3 days from Lewistown, PA to Pasco, WA, and the trip home took another 3 days.  This event and his youth helped build a love of trains, that has lasted a lifetime.

Nathan met Melody in 2010, married her, and had 2 wonderful boys (mentioned above) along the way.  With Melody's encouragement to find a career to be passionate about, The Pennsy Station was born.

We are proud to be located in Downtown Lewistown, PA.  Close to the historic Lewistown Station.  We look forward to a long future in the area continuing to grow our business and serve our community.  Always surrounded by family and friends at The Pennsy Station!