Walthers - Cornerstone Series - Team Track Scene Kit - HO Scale (933-3166) - the-pennsy-station-llc

Walthers - Cornerstone Series - Team Track Scene Kit - HO Scale (933-3166)

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Cornerstone Series(R) Team Track Scene - Standard Kit
Walthers Cornerstone #3166

In the days when railroads handled less-than-carload lot (lcl) freight, every station had a "team track." Here, drivers would wait alongside the tracks with their horse teams and wagons (which is how they came to be called "team tracks") for trains to arrive. This arrangement was ideal for small shippers who did not require a siding, as well as area farmers who shipped crops or livestock. 
Over time, the area evolved into a specialized loading/unloading area served by road and rail. The volume of local business determined the kind of equipment found in and around the team track, and many railroads added a gantry crane and loading ramps to serve additional customers. 
Both versions of the kit are complete with a Concrete End-of-Track Ramp, a Medium-Duty Overhead Gantry Crane, a Trackside Wooden Loading/Unloading Ramp, Hopper Unloader & Conveyor, plus a Clerk's Office. 
This versatile kit can be used with any HO Scale depot or freight station, and most industries from the 1920s to the 1980s. It's a great value, complete with a small Trackside Office, positionable Gantry Crane for handling big loads, a large Ramp for moving items like automobiles or machinery, and a portable Conveyor for loading and unloading coal, grain and other bulk items. One of the busiest spots along the line, it can also be a destination for virtually any freight car