KATO - Amtrak Transition Ph IVb #39027 - HO Scale (35-6251) - the-pennsy-station-llc

KATO - Amtrak Transition Ph IVb #39027 - HO Scale (35-6251)

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Amtrak #39027 (Phase IVb; silver, blue, red)

Superliner II Transition Sleeper - Ready to Run
Kato USA Inc #35 6251

A must for every modern Amtrak Superliner train, the ready-to-run Kato Superliner II Transition Sleeper is based on cars that allow bi-level Superliners to be mixed in passenger train consists with low-level cars like diners. It's main spotting feature is a high door and diaphragm at one end and a low-level door and diaphragm on the other. The Superliner II fleet was introduced in 1990 as Amtrak's next generation of its now ubiquitous Superliners. Visually very similar to their older cousins, the Superliner IIs have a host of mechanical and electrical improvements to their design as well as construction. This car features appropriate GSC trucks with real spinning bearing caps, detailed interior, exterior finish that matches other Kato cars and magnetic knuckle couplers. The Superliner II Transition Sleeper also has provisions to add interior lights as well as an optional marker light kit, both sold separately.