MTH/Railking - RealTrax O31 Curve Track - O Scale (40-1002) - the-pennsy-station-llc

MTH/Railking - RealTrax O31 Curve Track - O Scale (40-1002)

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O-31 Curved Section

Real Trax Snap-Together Track w/Nickel Silver Rails

MTH Electric Trains #40-1002

MTH Electric Trains O Scale 3-Rail Real Trax roadbed-style track makes setting up your layout easy! This track features built-in roadbed for easy setup on any surface. The durable plastic roadbed (you can stand on it) comes with three rails attached, a blackened center rail and all rail joiners in place. It's molded in a realistic gray color to simulate real track ballast and has under-track electrical contacts for reliability. RealTrax is compatible with all O Gauge 3-rail trains, but make sure to note how sharp your curves are since many larger O Gauge trains need wider O-31 and larger curves. RealTrax can be connected to traditional tubular track using an adaptor section.