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Ring Engineering - End of Train Device - HO Scale (EOT-33S)

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Gray Case, 33" Wheels

* Ready to Run 
* No Wiring Required 
* Installs in Minutes without Modifying Cars 
* Works on DC or DCC Layouts 
* Continuous Operation with DCC 
* Bright Red Flashing Light 
* Yellow or White Case to Match Prototype Practice 
* Exceptional Detail including Antenna, Carry Handle, Red Reflector and More 
* Prototypically Accurate Size 
* Prototypically Accurate Flash Rate and Time 
* Low Rolling Friction 
* No Batteries Required 
* Fits Most Freight Cars 
* Integrated Electronics 
* Kadee #5 Coupler Included 
* Does not Affect Freight Car Load - Load can be Installed or Removed! 
* Black Metal Wheels 
* Prototypically Accurate Exponential Curve in Wheel Face 
* Matching Trucks Available Separately.