Walthers - SceneMaster - Double Acorn Street Light - HO Scale (949-4317) - the-pennsy-station-llc

Walthers - SceneMaster - Double Acorn Street Light - HO Scale (949-4317)

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The SceneMaster HO Scale Double Acorn Street Light is based on a typical North American street lamp. Present in many cities across the continent, this streetlight will light up your layout scenes. Easy-to-install plug-and-socket mount (where appropriate) allows you to change out lamp styles in seconds or easy removal for layout construction or maintenance. Sockets include a realistic "manhole cover" cap. Metal and plastic construction means the Double Acorn Street Light will stand up to regular layout use. 
  • Common North American-style streetlights used in many communities
  • Fit popular modeling eras 1890s to present
  • Great detail for day or night scenes
  • Fully assembled from tough metal parts
  • Install in minutes in new or existing scenery
  • Easy to wire with plug and socket or factory-installed leads as appropriate
  • Complete installation and hook up instructions
  • Operates on 12 volts DC