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Scenery Solutions - Fusion Fiber - 1 Bag 16oz (454g)

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16oz (454g) Bag

Fusion Fiber is a unique base material. It is lightweight and contains a powder adhesive that you mix with warm water and acrylic craft paint to create the color you want and then spread on your base. You then add your ground colors of foam or textures of rock and shrubs, lichen, and other materials and then you lightly mist it with wet water to wick the adhesive up into the textures and when it dries everything is held in place. There is no rush, Fusion Fiber gives you a lot of working time and takes 2-3 days to completely cure depending on heat and humidity. And there is no waste, any material left over can be simply dried out and when you are ready to use it again you re hydrate it and you are ready to go back to work creating your scene's.  A 1lb bag will cover 15 to 20 square feet and makes modeling fun, fast, and easy. No expert techniques needed just a little imagination and you can build beautiful scenery that looks like it was professionally done. Eliminate the numerous steps and the mess and weight of using the plaster methods and try Fusion Fiber, once you have tried it you will love it!!  NOW in our new resealable bag!!