Woodland Scenics - Letters, Parcels & Post BR - N Scale (BR4953) - the-pennsy-station-llc

Woodland Scenics - Letters, Parcels & Post BR - HO Scale (BR5063)

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Letters, Parcels & Post - Built & Ready(R) Landmark Structures(R)
Woodland Scenics #BR5063

The Woodland Scenics(R) Letters, Parcels & Post is there for all your mailing needs. Hand-painted and weathered, this layout-ready post office features wood walls sitting atop a stone foundation and is and loaded with plenty of details to set the scene. Features include a covered porch that provides a place to wait when the lines are long, and a set of stairs leading to a side door. A chimney, rear loading dock and an unattached mailbox for dropping off mail at any time of day round out the detailing. Letters, Parcels & Post also contains interior and exterior LED lighting to show off the printed interior. The installed LED lighting is designed for use with the Just Plug(R) Lighting System. 30mA current draw.